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澳洲羊脂是指從羊毛裏提取的油脂, 它最大特點是滋潤但絕

不油膩, 吸收力好, 軟滑細緻, 羊油結構跟人體表面油脂相似,

是所有動物油之中最適合人體使用的, 在澳洲剪羊毛工人



Lanolin cream is an extract of fat from sheep wool which is most suitable to human’s skin, easy to be absorbed but not greasy.  It is soft and delicate, contains Amion Oil which is welcome by all sheep shearers and consumers in Australia an New Zealand.  Sheep shearers always expose their hands to hard work, but they are soft and tender due to penetration of the sheep wool’s fat and oil.  Lanolin cream can come with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and other mourishing minerals which help to maintain the beauty of the skin for all types.

Lanolin Hand &Body Lotion羊毛脂手&身體乳霜

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